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Return of the RX-7

Mazda Taiki Concept Mazda Plans New Rear Drive Sports Car from Motor Trend, January 2008

Well, the buzz at Tokyo is all about the Nissan GT-R. As a matter of fact, lots of people are looking for New Nissan Cars for Sale currently in general. That being said Mazda is apparently working on a sports car of its own that may eventually generate as much heat as the GT-R. Word from the show floor is that the automaker will unveil a “true sports car” concept at the next Tokyo motor show in 2009, followed by the production version in 2011. That’s only an eye-blink in the auto industry.

Details are scarce, but it’s confirmed that the car will be rear drive and true to Mazda’s history of sports cars. Does that mean rotary? It’s tempting to make that connection, given the larger-capacity rotary engine Mazda displayed in its booth this year. It now has been more than 40 years since the first rotary engine appeared in 1967 in Mazda’s Cosmo Sport that can be insured at https://www.mycarinsurancequote.com/ for you.

Imagaine a production Mazda sports car going on sale in 2011 as a 2012 model tie-in to the 45th anniversary of the rotary. Perhaps the return of the Cosmo from the company that popularized rotaries? It could happen.

Meanwhile, the RX-8 should soon get Mazda’s new 16x Wankel rotary, introduced under the hood of the Taiki Tokyo concept. The 16X Renesis rotary is 1600 cubic centimeters (800 cc times two rotors) with a new trochoid chamber shape for a much needed torque boost and better thermal efficiency. Engineers reduced the rotor housing width and housing thickness and increased the trochoid outline and generally maintained the compact, lightweight size of the current 1308cc 13B. The 16X also is the first rotary to use direct fuel injection, adapted from the hydrogen 13B.


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