New RX-8

New RX-8

RX-8 was designed with an athletically sculpted exterior that provides a sense of originality that’s unrivaled in the marketplace today. For 2009, RX-8 receives design enhancements that are meant to freshen the styling and give RX-8 a new look, without impairing the basic design theme. Refinements for the 2009 model year include restyled front and rear bumpers and front fascia; sporty, high quality finish front and rear headlamps; and larger exhaust pipes (now measuring 90 mm across). The 2009 RX-8 also offers a new five-spoke wheel design featuring a symbolic and sporty design reminiscent of the rotary engine, with different arrangements for each wheel size.


Return of the RX-7

Mazda Taiki Concept Mazda Plans New Rear Drive Sports Car from Motor Trend, January 2008

While the Buzz at Tokyo was all about the Nissan GT-R, Mazda is apparently working on a sports car of its own that may eventually generate as much heat as the GT-R. Word from the show floor is that the automaker will unveil a “true sports car” concept at the next Tokyo motor show in 2009, followed by the production version in 2011. That’s only an eye-blink in the auto industry.

Details are scarce, but it’s confirmed that the car will be rear drive and true to Mazda’s history of sports cars. Does that mean rotary? It’s tempting to make that connection, given the larger-capacity rotary engine Mazda displayed in its booth this year. It now has been more than 40 years since the first rotary engine appeared in 1967 in Mazda’s Cosmo Sport that can be insured at for you.

Imagaine a production Mazda sports car going on sale in 2011 as a 2012 model tie-in to the 45th anniversary of the rotary. Perhaps the return of the Cosmo from the company that popularized rotaries? It could happen.

Meanwhile, the RX-8 should soon get Mazda’s new 16x Wankel rotary, introduced under the hood of the Taiki Tokyo concept. The 16X Renesis rotary is 1600 cubic centimeters (800 cc times two rotors) with a new trochoid chamber shape for a much needed torque boost and better thermal efficiency. Engineers reduced the rotor housing width and housing thickness and increased the trochoid outline and generally maintained the compact, lightweight size of the current 1308cc 13B. The 16X also is the first rotary to use direct fuel injection, adapted from the hydrogen 13B.


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New RX-8 Waits in the Wings

Next RX-8 back view The next RX-8 It’s scheduled for a Detroit Motor Show unveiling, and fans of Mazda’s rotary-powered RX-8 will be glad to know that their favourite sports car’s facelift is said to up the ante even more… The first spy shots camouflaging the car’s mid-life facelift have surfaced. Extensive cladding around the car’s nose suggests this RX-8’s entire front end will be re-designed, while the taillight clusters appear tweaked too. Mazda promises that the facelifted four-door 2+2 seater will, along with its revised styling, also enjoy improved handling and acceleration. Its interior will be updated too, though the 1.3-litre rotary engine is likely to continue unchanged.

New Mazda3

New Mazda3 The current Mazda3 model was unveiled in late 2003. With its attractive sporty looks, Mazda sold over 1 million vehicles world wide.

This leaked picure is from a spyshot and from Mag-x magazine. The all new Mazda3 or a.k.a Axela for Japanese market with J86C development codename will be available to the public in the third quarter of 2008.

New Mazda6

new Mazda6 Mazda will showcase the world premiere of the all-new Mazda6 (known as the all-new Mazda Atenza in Japan) at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The all-new Mazda6 arrives as a full redesign of Mazda’s first model to embody the Zoom-Zoom product philosophy, offering a thrilling drive to all those who still remember the love of motion first experienced as a child. Following the all-new Mazda2, the new Mazda6 is the second Mazda new generation product to evolve to the next stage, further deepening the emotional connection between man and machine – Mazda calls it “Kizuna”.

Inheriting Mazda’s tradition of responsive handling and performance that has become recognized around the world and evolving from the original model’s distinctive design and exceptional functionality, the all-new Mazda6 takes a step forward in quality and offers strengthened environmental and safety performance. The result is an exciting and delightful experience that only the all-new Mazda6 can deliver.

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Mazda Ryuga

Mazda Ryuga Mazda’s concept unveiled at Detroit looked somewhat familiar to the Nagare concept recently unveiled at the Los Angeles show. That’s no mistake. The Ryuga, according to Mazda, is the next step in the evolution of the Nagare and, according to executive vice pesident Bob Graziano, shows “global design cues for the next generation of Mazda vehicles.”

Mazda Ryuga A Japanese term referring to flow, nagare is applied as a design philosophy that embodies motion in forms. For instance, the ripples on the side of the car are inspired by those made by a breeze over water, while the dramatic, streaky headlamps are styled from morning dew on bamboo leaves. “The flow expressions that Nagare and Ryuga embody will be seen both in the near term on other concept cars and in the long term on production models,” said general manager of design Laurens van den Acker.

In addition to exterior design and styling, interior efficiency is an important part of the design. Although the Ryuga is significantly smaller than the RX-8 sports car, and about a foot lower than a Mazda3, it can accommodate four adults. Entry and exit is easy through the gull-wing doors.

Power for the concept is provided by a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder flex-fuel engine, capable of running on E85, gasoline, or a mix.

Mazda also displayed the new Tribute HEV on its stand. As its sibling, the Ford Escape Hybrid, the Tribute HEV delivers 155 hp altogether from the gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain and complies with strict SULEV-II emissions standards.

Mazda Tribute HEV

Mazda Tribute With the 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid already rolling on to the Los Angeles auto show floor, you just knew Mazda’s Tribute hybrid wouldn’t be far behind.

In fact the 2008 Mazda Tribute HEV will be coming to the 2007 Detroit auto show in January. Mazda says the new gas-electric crossover will be its first vehicle “dedicated to clean air.” The concept will join the Ryuga gull-wing concept car on the show floor at Cobo.

The Japanese automaker, one-third owned by Ford, says the Tribute HEV will be one of the least-polluting vehicles on the road. Its four-cylinder gas engine and battery pack will combine to produce 155 horsepower while meeting PZEV and SULEV-II emissions standards, the strictest applied to any vehicle sold in the U.S.

Mazda 2

Mazda2 Mazda Motor Corporation used the Shanghai auto show to reveal a new Mazda 2 (the European model is pictured above and in the photo gallery) subcompact concept for China, to be built at the Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Company plant in Nanjing by the end of the year.

Mazda2This Mazda 2 (a Mazda 2 for Europe was unveiled at the Geneva auto show) is for the Chinese market, but Ford Motor Company executives at the auto show said a new small car will be added to the mix at Changan in 2008.
Officials wouldn’t confirm that it is the promised global B-car that will make it to the U.S. as well, likely in 2009 as a 2010 model, but we’ll make the big leap here, since the B-car will share its bones with the Mazda 2.
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Auto Exec NC-03 MX-5

Mazda’s short but rich history at the 24 Hours of Le Mans was primarily initiated by Yojiro Terada, who first entered the race with a car powered by the 12A rotary engine in 1973. Terada now heads Auto Exec, a company that tunes strictly Mazda cars. Most of Auto Exec’s tweaks are visual, evidenced by the handsome body kit worn by the NC-03 MX-5. The car’s suspension has also been tuned, giving the compact roadster better balance (the car’s understeering character has been mostly dialed out). Auto Exec hasn’t decided to come to the U.S. market yet, but a company spokesman says that day may come sooner than later.

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