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Mazda Club Member Login  for technical services, member recommendations on shops, parts exchange, past issues of printed publications and more!

Mazda Club members can publish items to the Blog by logging in using the current id and password provided to them or get a personal id and password by registering for the blog choosing your own id and password and doing the following:

Request publishing access to the Blog in the form of a comment here or by email to us at  You then will be able to publish items and comments. You must first register for this Blog site.  Be sure to include your membership name along with your membership number if known.  Join the club at!

NOTE: If you use the current id and password given to all members the user profile cannot be changed.  Register for a personal id and password and then you can change your personal information.

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  1. I have a 95 MX-6 that has spark failure. One day runs good, next hour no spark at plugs. Ground wire seems good . I have one hot wire going into distr (key on). Is there more than one ? Where is the coil, is it in the distributor? Maybe the pick up is not functioning ? Thanks.

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