2007 Grand Touring Mazda MX-5 Miata oF Terry Koenig

A Mazda Club featured vehicle is the 2007 Grand Touring Mazda MX-5 Miata of Terry Koenig from Lake Arthur, New Mexico. Here is the story:

Here is my 2007 Grand Touring Miata on a February outing to Bottomless Lakes (Near Roswell, NM). A gorgeous day for February, and the back roads to the Lakes makes for a fun trip in the Miata. The one way 50 mile trip provides you with an ample opportunity to run through the 6 speed gear box, and tapping the throttle now and then just to feel the responsiveness of the eager 160 or so hp under the hood, have a look here at this weblink more info.

My years of with an MGA, and a Morgan +4, are a thing of the distant past, but not the thrill of hitting the road, with the top down, riding low to the ground, and feeling the car hug the road as you zip along a curving stretch of pavement that tosses in a few dips and low hills that brings me back to the excitement of driving a sports car. . . . . . Yeah Mazda can make for a Zoom Zoom kind of day.

When a bit more cargo space is needed it’s nice to rely on a 2018 Mazda 6 Signature. Equipped with a 250 hp turbo-charged 4 cylinder engine, linked to a 6 speed automatic transmission or steering wheel paddle shifters delivering a reliable 30 mpg. It retains the Mazda Zoom Zoom Spirit while delivering a comfortable, relaxing ride, check this out for more info.

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