Mazda Shinari concept, new design language for future models

Mazda Shinari

Mazda unveiled Monday at a private event in Italy, sports coupe concept Shinari, a four-door vehicle that indicates the direction of Japanese brand design. Mazda concept Shinari will attend and the Paris Motor Show in October.

The new concept Mazda Shinari models forecast future issue of the Japanese manufacturer’s range. Mazda will use the word “Kodo” (in Japanese means soul movement) to describe the future design language.

Mazda officials did not want to specify when the new design will appear on production vehicles. However, “this design will lead to a new generation of Mazda’s design language and lead and other elements,” said Ikuo Maeda, General Manager Design Division of Mazda Motor, during the presentation of near Milan, cited by Automotive News Europe.

The new design language was created through collaboration Mazda studios in Germany, the United States and Japan.

Mazda officials also said that future work and improve vehicle interiors, which are intended to be premium. “We want to get into the same group with BMW and Audi,” said Derek Jenkins, director of design at Mazda North America. “For equipment and want the same quality finish.

Mazda Shinari concept will make its public debut premiered at the Paris Motor Show (October 2 to 17, 2010).