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RX-7 Flooding

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Some or all of the below is from our Facebook group page and this is just a part of what appears there and in the member magazine.

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Q:     I have an ‘88 RX-7 (non-turbo) that once in a while gets flooded, especially if I start it up and then turn it off the engine without giving it time to warm up. When I do that next time I try to start it, it is flooded. It recently did it again even though I had not started the motor before. Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this problem.

Wayne S.

A:     Fuel injected RX-7s seem to flood if you push on the throttle when starting.. But you seem to have leaking injectors. A fuel pressure test per shop manual will settle

this. There is a temporary fix for this in the Mazdatrix catalog that involves a restricted bleed to fuel return line. If this is the problem you must replace the injector soon.

R. Duncan


Q:     My daughter has a 1991 RX-7 with about 80,000 miles. Once or twice a year it gets flooded and is tough to get stared. It got flooded this weekend and she had to have it towed in to the dealer. They told her that the way to prevent it from happening is to never turn it off with a cold engine. This time she just moved it in the driveway. But,they didn’t have any suggestions on how to get it started when it happens. Any suggestions? Once when it happened in our driveway some men came over and ran the starter for a long time (they even had to use a charger) and squirted in a lot of either. I wonder if you could get it started by just towing it.

James Pramann

A:     This has been famous on the rotary RX-7s for years. You can only let it sit, at least that’s what mechanics have told me. I have had all generations and now own the 1994 car and was told by my mechanic that the latest version is the worst. He said to never start a cold engine, move the car, like out of the garage and shut off the engine, let it run for 5 minutes that is if you move the car. Just one of those glitches he said. My 1980 model did it to me when I had moved it out to the street and realized I had forgotten something in the house. Didn’t start until about 2 hours later. Never had a problem before with anything on a RX-7. Weird but a fact.






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