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RX-7 Idle Problem


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Q: My 1982 RX7 (12A engine) idles very slowly (~500 rpm) right after the choke goes off. The temperature gauge shows that the car is fully warmed up. This slow idle goes on for 5-10 minutes whether it just sits and idles or it is driven. Then all of a sudden it idles at the proper 750 rpm and idles OK until the next time the car is cold and goes thru a warm up.

One other thing I have observed is that when the slow idle condition is occurring, it seems like the tachometer drops quickly when it goes from driving into the slow 500 rpm idle condition versus dropping slowly to 750 rpm when it works properly.

Any inputs as to what might be causing this to happen would be appreciated.


A: Idle sensor possibly. I had a similar situation with my 323f RX-7. Not too sure if this is the same. Try the simple things - clean out the sensors, clean air filter, clean throttle body. Write if you have solved the problem. Would be nice to know.

Desmond Deakin



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