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Questions and Answers Part 3

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Q: I wanted to know if anyone could help me out. I own a 1989 Mazda RX-7 (auto) and it seems to flood from time to time. I wanted to know what is the best way to fix it after it has been flooded, instead of always towing it to the mechanics?

Any Suggestions?


A: Take out the plugs and remove all the moisture using ATF fluid to get rid of all the gas, as removing the plugs and letting it dry won't do it (usually). Go to your local auto parts store and pick up a new set of spark plugs.

What I did when my '87 got flooded was to take out the spark plugs and cranked the car over a few times (make sure you put the plug wires well out of the way so they don't spark onto any wires close by). When you crank it, you'll be able to hear a pfffft'ing sound over and over again. Then, look at the top of your throttle body. Where it says "13B Fuel Injection", there will be 3 hoses (at least on my '87, not sure about the '89's). Pull off the biggest hose and pour in about a teaspoon of ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid). Crank it a few times just to move the ATF around in the chambers (yes it will be spit out the plug holes as you haven't replaced the plugs yet). After cranking a few times (not for very long, just a second or two each time), then replace the spark plugs with the OLD plugs that you have cleaned off to the best of your ability. Crank it over until it catches and fires up (there should be quite a bit of smoke). LET IT RUN FOR 15 mins to make sure all the ATF is burned off. You can drive around if you wish. Shortly thereafter, replace the spark plugs and crank it up. Everything should be good to go. Good luck.


Q: I have a 2003 Miata and I just installed and balanced new tires. At around 60mph, I get a little shake that disappears and does not come back at higher speeds, slow back down to 60 and it comes back again, it was there before the new tires. I was hoping that would clear it up. Any ideas?


A: Speed sensitive shakes are mostly balance issues. Maybe a bent rim, bad brake rotor, even a missing stud. Also its possible that your engine rev makes something resonate at that speed. Try the same speed with different rev (change gear), but this is not likely.




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