North America's oldest and largest club for all year Mazda cars, SUVs and trucks!!                Established in 1988

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of North America

for all year Mazda cars, SUVs and trucks
Established in 1988

phone/text: 773-769-7396  


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We offer a number of different ways for you to join the club or renew your membership.  Choose the one best suited to you.

1. PayPal and Credit Card Order Form
2. Secure Site with credit card
3. Membership Application to fill out, print out and mail to us
Download and print out Membership Application in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format to mail to us

The Mazda Club was founded in 1988 in Chicago to serve the interests of Mazda vehicle owners throughout North America.

Since that time the Mazda Club has recorded all available details of members' cars including serial numbers, colors and special equipment.

The MC offers publications by email, technical advice, member recommendations on service, body and auto parts sources, registration of your Mazda, a tradition of service and FREE member classified ads that appear in the ONLYWAY publication and on the MC website and on Facebook and Twitter.


Members receive the ONLY WAY which publication sent by email with Mazda news, topics, technical hints and tips, photos and articles on the Mazda, members' letters, and much more!!

Advertisers and other organizations offer DISCOUNTS to members through the ONLY WAY.

The Mazda Club offers and an online PHOTO GALLERY for members to share photos.

Mazda Club members receive TECHNICAL ADVICE from our technical staff. If you have a problem, call for immediate help or write and have the answer appear in the pages of the ONLY WAY which might assist other Mazda owners and members.

The Mazda Club offers LOCAL, REGIONAL AND NATIONAL MEETS where you can join and meet with other Mazda owners.


The Mazda Club offers a wide range of REGALIA including T-shirts and more with the MC logo.

The Mazda Club has a BLOG and SPARE PARTS EXCHANGE where members can get technical advice, post photos, correspond with other members and exchange parts with others. Follow us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.

The Mazda Club offers FREE CLASSIFIED ADS in the ONLY WAY, and they appear on our website, in our club publication - the OnlyWay,  on Facebook and Twitter for members to sell, buy or exchange their cars, literature, parts and other items.

The Mazda Club offers MEMBER RECOMMENDATIONS on service and body shops and auto parts sources throughout the country. Just tell us where you would like service and we can tell you the closest location.

The Mazda Club offers what no one else can - A TRADITION OF SERVICE to Mazda owners since 1988 with a proven track record as evidenced by our many members that have been members for more than 30 years. Why? - because we are giving them what they want and need!

We would like YOU to be a part of this exciting and still growing club. Print this out or mail us your name, mailing address information and the type of Mazda you have and help us to become an even better organization and help us spread the thrill of Mazda ownership and the fun of club activity!!

You need what the Mazda Club offers. MEMBERSHIP is just $20 for 1 year, $35 for 2 years or $50 for 3 years with free t-shirt or tech CD/USB flash drive/emailed or past issues of the ONLY WAY on CD/USB flash drive/emailed. Join today or call for more information: 773-769-7396.




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